An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) also referred to as an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is a helicopter or aircraft, which can operate under its own control or under the control of a remote human pilot.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Remtely Piloted Aircraft System.

Unmanned Aerial Operators Certificate

Generally speaking they all refer to the same thing. We fly remotely controlled multirotor aircraft that are able to operate autonomously. Organisations such as CASA refer to them as UAVs (soon to be UAS) and the general public and media refer to them as Drones.

Yes, there are numerous laws and restrictions imposed on UAV Operators by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia). This is to ensure the skies of Australia are safe.

Like any aircraft, there is a risk involved with flying. At UAv Illawarra we do everything possible to minimise the risk involved. We do a job safety assessment and brief before each flight and abide by all restrictions imposed on us. Safety is our number one priority.

Operating with commercial intent in Australia without proper licensing from CASA is illegal and is heavily penalised. Additionally, you cannot obtain insurance for UAV operations without being licensed.